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Client Libraries

LanguageDatabaseLibraryCloud Identity SupportNotesConnection Pool SupportAuth Methods
PythonPostgrespsycopg2AWS IAMpsycopg2-binary is not supported. Use the more recommended psycopg2MD5*, SCRAM-SHA256
PythonPostgresasyncpgAWS IAMMD5*, SCRAM-SHA256
PythonMySQLmysql-connector-pythonAWS IAMC-extension based usage is not currently supported.SHA-1 (Native password authentication)
PythonMySQLPyMySQLAWS IAMN/ASHA-1 (Native password authentication)

* Even though MD5 is cryptographically insecure, it is the default authentication method used by Postgres, and so we made the decision to support it. However, we recommend using the more secure SCRAM-SHA256 authentication when possible.

Secrets Managers

  • Vault
  • AWS Secrets Manager