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Enhance the observability and security
of your database applications.

Approzium provides rich execution context derived from cloud infrastructure metadata services, thus eliminating blind spots in the diagnosis and tracing of complex performance problems within autoscaled microservice environments.

from approzium import AuthClient
from approzium.psycopg2 import connect

# create an Authenticator client
auth = AuthClient('authenticator:6001')

# connect using Approzium's connect method without a password
conn = connect("host= user=dbuser1 dbname=mydbhost",

# use the connection as you typically would. very cool!
cur = conn.cursor()
cur.execute('SELECT 1')

# attribute your database connections to a unique identity
# {
# 'authenticator_address': 'localhost:6001',
# 'iam_arn': '<verified IAM Amazon Resource Number>',
# 'authenticated': true,
# 'num_connections': 1,
# }